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     Name: Sodium nitrate
    Sodium nitrate

    Molecular formula: NaNO3
    Molecular weight: 84.99
    Properties: Colorless trigonal crystal or rhombic crystal or white fine crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water and liquid ammonia, soluble in ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, slightly soluble in glycerin and acetone.
    Uses: This product can be used in producing raw materials for potassium nitrate, explosive, picric acid, dye, etc. Moreover, it can be used in producing nitrating agent for dye intermediate.
    Specification: (GB/T4553-1993 I class)



    First class

    Second class

    Sodium nitrate%








    Sodium nitrite%




    Sodium carbonate %




    Moisture %




    Water insoluble matter %




    Iron (Fe)%




    Packing: Woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25\50kg.