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     Name: High nitrogen calcium ammonium nitrate
    High nitrogen calcium ammonium nitrate

    Product features:
    1. This product is produced by advanced technology, it has high calcium content, good instant capacity.
    2. This product can offer the necessary nitrogen for crop growth.
    3. Real disease-resistant fertilizer, it is capable of preventing various physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency.
    4. Improve soil, adjust PH value of soil. It can be widely used in various industrial crops, grain and oil crops such as wheat, corn, rice, etc.
    Method of application:
    This product is suitable for basal application, topdressing, etc.
    Technical index

    Item Unit Standard
    Nitrogen %, ≥ 26
    Nitrate nitrogen %, ≥ 10.5
    Ammoniacal nitrogen %, ≥ 15.5
    Calcium oxide %, ≥ 16.5
    Appearance White round granular